3 Kingdoms Landmaster (dou di zhu)

4.4 ( 6474 ratings )
ゲーム エンターテインメント ロールプレイング カード
開発者 Joymaster Holding Co., Ltd.
1.99 USD

* Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight for your own fortune!
* Take over your opponents’ land to level up your own land. You could make more money with more land, so take as much land as you can!!
* Use as many cards as you want on your opponents. From taking over others’ land to playing some tricks on your opponents, the special effect on this cards will overwhelmed them! So buy as many cards as you want!
* Characters from the famous 3-kingdom Chinese history will join this game. Their cuteness, unique personalities and facial expressions will blow you away!
* Don’t ever trust anyone when you are rich! Even when they claim to be your friends…
* If you’re not in the mood for tricks and fights, go for the free mode. You change the game settings in your way Bet small or play big; it’s all up to you!
* Play the game just the way you like. We have 2 different ways of control for you.
* It’s ok if you don’t know how to play. We have the best tutorial for you to guide you into the overwhelming world of land wresting!

* 『發達三國鬥地主』就是要鬥!鬥!鬥!!鬥到天荒地老、海枯石爛,鬥垮別人,讓自己邁向發達之路
* 遊戲利用鬥地主規則結合了土地爭奪玩法,除了可以搶奪別人土地還可以提升自己的土地等級,只要你的土地數量越多,收入就會一起飆高,哈哈!!給他用力的鬥下去,鬥的越多賺越多
* 遊戲中還加入了卡片系統,只要有錢,多種卡片隨你用,看是要強占他人土地,還是進行搞鬼行動,哈哈!!有錢你就是大爺
* 三位著名三國人物劉備、曹操、孫權陪你鬥跨地主,每個角色獨特的造型與誇張的動作,讓你打牌也會忍不住的起笑!!
* 意想不到的AI效果,當你與同伴攻打地主時,同伴會根據目前的優劣勢調整不同的出牌方式,不過當你的土地太多,請小心你的同伴眼紅,給你搞鬼!!注意:土地太多時,請不要相信你的同伴
* 如果你想要玩場單純的鬥地主,也沒問題! 遊戲中還提供了自由模式,你可以自由的設定牌局賠率,看你是要小賭怡情還是大賭致富,都給你自由選擇啦!!
* 俯45度角的真實視野設計,近乎真實的臨場感;同時提供你二種操作方式,可選擇真實的打牌手感,也可使用iPhone獨特的觸控操作,都給你身歷其境的虛擬打牌環境
* 不會玩鬥地主也沒關係,提供最詳盡的牌型組合方式與玩法介紹,搭配淺顯易懂的圖片說明,讓你超快上手